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Guttering Installation

As most people are aware the gutter plays an important role in taking away the rain water from the property and stop damp issues occurring through water running down the walls. Fibre Tech will install any gutter and down pipes in a colour of your choice. When we install a new roof we will set the fall of the original gutter if you do not require new. We also take on small repairs to leaky gutters.
Guttering Systems

Stainless Steel Guttering
Plastic Guttering
Concrete Guttering
Copper & Zinc Guttering


If you’re looking for plastic or concrete board cladding, whether independently or along with a flat roofing project, learn more about how Fibre Tech can help.

Flat Roof Portfolio

Take at look at our flat roofing portfolio, from dormer flat roofs, conversatory, garage, porch and balcony flat roof examples.