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Roofing Felt or Fibre Glass?

When you are considering whether to refelt your flat roof or invest in fibre glass, this article will provide the pros and cons for each.
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Pros of fibreglass roofing

Although pricier on average, GRP roofs come with a number of advantages on a level that few other flat roofing solutions can offer.

As well as being more durable than traditional felt systems like pour on or torch on, GRP fibreglass is also a lot safer a solution. The chances of an on-site injury occuring are significantly less with fibreglass flat roof systems as it does not require any open flame or any other complicated or hazardous tools.

Other practical features of fibreglass flat roofs include there being no joints or seams on the main part of the roof. This means no taping and less chance of water creeping through gaps and into the decking. GRP offers the complete waterproof solution, the reason it’s commonly used on boats and yachts.

The top coat finish in a GRP roofing system makes the roof resistant to pretty much all that nature can throw at it. Fibreglass roofs are built to retain their form and function in the face of storms, snow and frost and long periods of excess sunshine. GRP is also resistant to fire and can cope with footfall, making it suitable for a roof terrace.

seamless flat roofing essex

Another edge GRP flat roofs have over bitumen roofs is the ease of maintenance that’s involved. Simply give the roof a brush and hose down every so often to keep it looking in top condition and protecting your home as it should.

A flexibility to be easily shaped to fit the design of any roof design is another string to the GRP bow and a reason why it is viewed by so many as the ideal flat roof covering and slightly more expensive than alternative options.

Although EPDM is another outstanding roof covering system, some people do not like the rubber roof look that comes with it. The finish which the top coat resin gives GRP roofs is generally considered far more pleasing on the eye. The top coat can be purchased in a variety of different colours to give the roof some added personality, although a traditional dark grey finish is still most popular.

Seamless flat roof

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